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osit. easier banking. standard at citibank. . it's official. the race will not go on after all. mayor michael bloomberg making the decision last night to cancel the new york city marathon. the news comes after organizers all week long that runners would take their mark on sunday. the outdestroy cry was too loud. will thomas has the story. >> the city of new york is not going to give up. the city of new york is coming back and this race will demonstrate that resilience. >> reporter: race organizers were certain the marathon would go on as planned. they donated a million bucks to relief efforts and the marathon, like those in the past, is responsible for bringing in millions to the local economy. friday during the 5:00 news,
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word came. and to breaking news out of new york city. mayor bloomberg said the new york city marathon will not happen on sunday. >> i couldn't believe it. seemed like the mayor said it was a go. >> he was a maryland runner among the estimated 40,000 runners who expected to take part in the event. harris was planning to run with his buddy steve, who is already in new york all the way from new zealand. steve's blind and running it year after year is extra special. now, it will be a weekend in new york without the big race. >> maybe we'll take some running in central park or do something and try to enjoy, you know, new york city for what it's worth. >> reporter: harris is sympathetic of the criticism and the suffering. the race would have started on staten island where at least 20 people lost their lives. it would have shut down roads and businesses already congested post sandy. as many as 1,000 cops would
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have been deployed to keep racers safe instead of diverting the resources to help victims. >> i can understand the other side of the argument of going forward and thoughing that -- show going thawe can recover from these things. i believe that they did run the race after 9/11. >> reporter: mayor bloomberg issued a statement late friday. it reads in part we can't allow a controversy over an athletic event, even one as meaningful as this, to distract attention away from all of the critically important work that is being done to recover from the storm and to get our city back to track. now. >> that was will thomas reporting. a lot of people who signed up for the marathon and still want to run plan to show up tomorrow morning, anyway. others say instead, they're going to volunteer to help. some runners are donating their hotel rooms to victims who have been left without power and homes. >> a disappointment. a lot of people are disappointed. >> yeah. >> and on the holmes of that, a
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norrest ---- the heels of that, a nor easter? >> there is a chance we could see another system heading up the coast and we'll talk about that, the chilly nights and what to expect weather-wise on election day. >> it's pretty nice. >> all of these important things. >> it's nice. we have clouds rolling in. otherwise, not too bad. we don't have any precipitation to speak about in the city at all, and it's cold, though. very much on the cold and chilly side. the temperatures continue to be well below the seasonal average. sunday, we're talking a mix of sun and clouds. the cool days and chilly nights will continue and turn back the clocks tonight. you will gain an hour of sleep and mid-week, we have a storm threat to talk about and we're going to let you know what is happening. a lot of clouds and we're talking mostly cloudy. tomorrow, we will see the
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sunshine and we'll have clouds sticking around. into the end of the weekend and today's highs, look at the numbers. fifty degrees at reagan national airport; 48 at dulles. the same at bwi thurgood marshal. the temperature some 13 to 14- degrees below the seasonal average and that is a good indication of how cool it is and where we should be temperaturewise. currently, the double fours in washington and fredericksburg. baltimore the same, 37 degrees in gaithersburg, cooler there. >> 42 at dulles and mart bins -- martinsburg, 39 degrees at culpepper this hour. the jet stream is letting in the cooler air across the area to the east. a lot of warm air from the south and we're dealing with the remnants of sandy moving out and leaving behind so much of the devastation that it can did. on the west, this is the west coast and this is where we're talking b the storm system developing into next week and
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that is looks like it's diving to the south andha is looking like it's going up the east coast. for election day, we have some mixed conditions. sunshine to the south, showers to the northwest and a little bit of snow as far as the area to the great lakes is concerned and that is chill around the area. and into thursday -- tuesday, it's expected to be down the southeastern coast. the models are stating to come together in a lot of agreement now. the question, what direction will it take? with the jet stream bringing in the cool air and that system pushing up, there is a couple of possible tracks that look like the jet stream could move during a bit of a steering mechanism for it, maybe push it out to see if another model is saying, well, one is saying looks like it's going to take closer to the coast. we're seeing right now, the
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forecast calling for heavy rainfall and that is posting the problem long the coastal regions for new jersey and new york and they have had so much devastation along the coast, there is not a lot to keep the water from pushing on shore. anything could change and let's hope that it does take that track and go out to sea. in the meantime, 40 degrees for tonight and northwesterly winds, chilly. moving up to 52 degrees and not much warmer than today. a couple of degrees and still a cool day. make sure you put your clocks back before we go to bed, talking an hour of sleep to catch up on, good news for you. this is a look at the fox five forecast. into monday, we have plenty of sunshine. tuesday, could see some showers from the system start to push in in into the evening hours or tuesday night. wednesday, looks like a rain day if that system does take
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the track that we're anticipating and we'll see cloudy skies on thursday and for the weekend, warming up to 60 degrees. this system bears a lot of watching, too far to call right now. we're talking on wednesday. so, we know how that goes and we're going to stay on top of it. >> okay. >> particular. -- okay. thank you. >> a reminder, check out the weather any time g. to applesapp store and search for d.c. weather. you will find it on our website at www.myfoxdc.comcom. super storm sandy is to blame for widespread power outages. one thing it didn't ruin, one new jersey couple's big day. earlier, i spoke with laura lodome dix co and how she and her husband pulled off the wedding. i asked her if canceling it was an option? >> i thought it was cancelled and when i heard that, you know, the flower lady didn't have flowers, the bakery couldn't bake a cake because
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they didn't have, you know, the power or whoever, i was virtually crying in the dark in me house and i look up, my fiance said we're getting married on friday no matter what. you need to call the deacon and church, and he just made it happen, which pretty much is what any girl in that situation would have wanted, i would think. any bride in that situation would have wanted. >> you originally had 200 people coming. how many people showed up. what are some of the challenges for them getting there and why didn't they come. >> we were between 60 and 70, like a flash. i was so focused on me groom, i was hard to look around, but i know i was in the receiving line for 40 minutes. there was about 60 people in the church at least, and the challenge was that, you know, people getting gas and no one could get gas to come down here
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and my best friends in new jersey came here for 20 minutes. it was amazing what people did for us. >> and that is afternoon issue for your wedding party. you said you didn't have any brides maids. >> it was not that i didn't have them, they were there but nobody had their dresses. the tailors were shut, cleaners were shut -- nobody was open to get the dresses. at that point, i had my dress, my tailor opened for me, he was able to rent the tux and that was about it. >> who stepped in as your maid of honor? >> one of my best friends. i call her and she goes in. she was at the taylor's and stood in. >> and then you had a couple of other creatures there as you're -- . >> i had two brides maids ready
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to g my bulldogs. >> and people say the different circumstances make your wedding day uniquely yours when something goes wrong. it makes the day uniquely yours. how was this day more special in spite of sandy? >> it was completely magical. life happens when you're busy planning, you know what i mean? the church was done, the candlelight and music people. the only thing was the tower and all of the love there was. it was an amazing, magical day. everyone was smut -- and they were supportive of us. amazing. >> and what a wonderful way to start your adventure. >> thank you so much. >> what a fun story. >> yeah. >> and they didn't have the reception, it was rescheduled for january and they didn't lose any money. many of the guests who were not there this time can come down
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for that. >> what a great story. >> they call her the hurricane bride. >> there you go. there you go. >> over if known as such. >> yeah. >> great introduce. still ahead, a phrase we hear every day, i'm sorry. as much as we hear it, how often is it true? >> we'll introduce you to one husband who went public with his apology to prove he was wrong. plus, coming up on the news edge, puppets and their masters taking their message to the streets. those stories and much more when we come back.
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. marriage is a lot of work and spouses, i hear they sunset each other. >> one guy in texas made a big mistake and he's trying to make up for it. he's how. >> reporter:

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